General Services

S Corporation Inc solves business challenges and provides ECM solutions. Our approach combines current technology with common-sense practicality.  We specialize in using industry-standard programs as well as off-the-shelf applications. We work with you to customize your solution and streamline the transition so that it’s seamless.  The result is the point, not the process.

 You’ll wonder why you haven’t automated your practices before.

An enhanced ECM approach creates immediate value and adapts to new and changing business requirements in real time.


Litigation Support

The twelve-year expertise of S Corporation Inc has been proven in high pressure legal settings, where hundreds of thousands of documents are involved, and where millions of dollars turn on the result

Imagine millions of documents that are vital to your business available on the nearest computer screen. Information that is organized  and  ready for  instant  recall  that  could  otherwise take  hours,  even  days  to  locate.  Missing documents appear instantly just by giving the system a hint. Within seconds you can respond with a flash of brilliance or a point of order, while the opposition is leafing through files. Move case prep from a burden to a weapon.

S Corporation not only provides you with a smarter way to find information; we provide a smarter way to use it.

  • Expert trial technology consultants in high-profile cases and trials
  • Ediscovery
  • Trial presentation services
  • Display equipment and set-up
  • Coordinate with opposing counsel and the court
  • Permanently stamp archived documents with Bates Numbers
  • Color exhibit labels
  • Data recovery and forensics

Production Services

S Corporation Inc will help you decrease or even eliminate exorbitant paper storage costs, save on clerical hours and lower distribution costs.

Imagine cabinets of files, now the size of a CD. Think of being able  to  secure  and  share  those  documents electronically,  and  reproduce  them  without  any  quality  loss from  the  original.  Think of a solution that keeps pace with growth and change without requiring a technology overhaul every few years.  Think of an initial investment that in many cases costs little more per document than a photocopy.

You do the math; we’ll do the rest:

  • Scanning  – onsite service available
    • Large format
    • Mylar, transparency
    • Photographs (from digital cameras or printed copies)
    • Color, grayscale, black & white
    • Microfiche, Microfilm, Aperture Cards
  • Electronic conversion
    • Audio, video
  • ESI (electronically stored information) cursory review
  • Forensics
  • Disc duplication
  • Transfer electronic files from network directories, fax servers and multifunction peripherals
  • Bit map image of hard drives
  • Recover data from damaged computers
  • Rebuild damaged flash drives

Technical Support

S Corporation Inc transforms what is often considered a custodial function into competitive edge.  Now,  everyone in  the  organization  has  the  ability  to  act  immediately,  using accumulated  resources  to  bear  upon  any  new  situation. Within  seconds  you  can  be  responding  to  a  client’s  request or  leaping  on  a  new  business  opportunity,  leaving  your competitors leafing through files. Or still trying to find them.

S Corporation Inc stays on the leading edge because our clients want service the way they want their data:  insightful, accessible, affordable and now.

Have a problem? We’re here to help:

  • Scanner Recommendations, Sales, and Configuration
  • System Requirements & Architecture
  • Upgrades
  • Process Analysis and Setup
  • Integration
    • People Soft
    • JD Edwards
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • SASI
    • Infinite Campus
    • Case Map
    • TRAKiT
    • Hansen